Energy ManagEment and RechArging for efficient eLectric car Driving

COMARTH ENGINEERING is a FEV technology supplier manufacturing electric cars with worldwide distribution and high reliability. Comarth leverage on their experience as a manufacturer of sport cars (S1 and Xtamy) to deliver high stability and performance FEVs. The range of Comarth electric vehicles meet the needs of business customers (e.g. freight, mail services, etc.) as well as those of passenger, leisure or tourism usage. Comarth vehicles are assembled in the factory located in Murcia and are approved by INTA following the current European directives. CR-Sport is the core Comarth FEV that can be set up and arranged to serve multiple sustainable transport roles.

In order to be able to ensure always the best solutions to their customers, Comarth launched three R+D and innovation projects, aiming to improve battery performance and to extend vehicle’s range through next-generation electronics, thus enhancing the efficiency and quality of their vehicles on the market. Comarth offer extensive vehicle design and engineering capabilities to those companies or individual customers who wish to customize their vehicles. Comarth designers, engineers and vehicle specialists – a group of over 50 people – are available to meet the users’ needs with skills and experience to solve the most difficult challenges, so that the results are always satisfactory for the customers.


Ion Larrañaga