Energy ManagEment and RechArging for efficient eLectric car Driving

The Municipality of Lucca (Comune di Lucca) is the Local Public Authority in charge of city administration and of  representing the interests of the local community in the city of Lucca, a mid-size city of about 80.000 inhabitants located in Tuscany, central Italy. The administrative competence and functions of the Municipality of Lucca are assigned by law and include social and economic development, urban planning, private and public building, environment, mobility, tourism, education, culture, etc.

Like many other Italian and European historic towns and cities, Lucca is characterized by business activities related to service, commerce and tourism sectors. The number of the subjects potentially interested in the relevant city logistics processes (e.g. delivery/collection of goods and documents) sum up to several thousands. Sustainable transport and city logistics have thus become main objectives in urban policies, with a multi-annual program of innovation resulting, in 2012, into the launch of the new Ecological City Distribution Centre “LuccaPort” ( Located in a specifically built infrastructure, LuccaPort provides, operated by an in-house company of the Municipality, various last mile city logistics services operated through a fleet of fully-electric vehicles.

Engaged in several innovation activities aimed at preserving the relevant historical assets of the city (one of the most important  historic centers and cultural heritage of central Italy) and improving services and the quality of life of citizens and visitors in the city, the Municipality have developed a significant experience in participation and sometimes coordination of several European project under LIFE, CIP Intelligent Energy Europe and Interreg programs. Currently, they are involved in the running CIP IEE ENCLOSE project ( addressing best practice development on sustainable city distribution and logistics services in European small-/mid-size historic towns.


Mauro Di Bugno

Stefan Guerra