Energy ManagEment and RechArging for efficient eLectric car Driving

COSMOTE S.A. is a member of OTE Group and a member of Deutsche Telekom Group (since March/09). It was commercially launched in April/98 and within a short period of time COSMOTE succeeded in becoming the leading provider of mobile telecommunications services in Greece. Today COSMOTE has a customer base of 7.6 million (June/2013). COSMOTE has also managed to establish itself as one of the biggest mobile operators in SE Europe through the successful course of its subsidiaries and a subscriber base of about 8 million (June/2013): AMC in Albania, COSMOTE Romania and Zapp in Romania. GERMANOS S.A., one of the most successful retail chains in the field of telecoms in SE Europe, is also member of the Group (since Oct/06).

COSMOTE is the leading mobile operator in Greece, having an impressive record of very important market firsts: COSMOTE was the first operator in Greece and among the first in Europe to introduce HSDPA (June/06), among the first to upgrade HSPA to HSPA+ (May/09) and first in Greece to launch mobile broadband at 28.8 Mbps (Mar/10). Again, it was the first in Greece and among the 10 first networks in the world to record broadband DL speeds at 42.2 Mbps (adopting HSPA+ Dual Carrier) in real network conditions (May/2010), while first in Greece demonstrated speeds of 100 Mbps (DL)/45Mbps (UL) using commercial LTE terminals and offered LTE services (Nov/2012). In addition, COSMOTE has introduced 3G femtocells (Oct/2011).

COSMOTE participates in the Project with a dedicated high-skilled R&D team with past experience in EU and National funded technology-oriented projects (EcoGem, PII, NETGATE, CELLO, CAUTION, FITNESS, CAUTION++, MobiLearn, MELISA, MUMMY, MobiTalk, SEAWISE, Healthwear, CONFES, eCALL, OpenLab, GERYON, NEMESYS). Experience is also available in systems deployment, especially of new technology implementations (e.g., GPRS, 3G, HSPA, LTE, WiMAX, IMS, Femtocells).


Eleni Theodoropoulou