Energy ManagEment and RechArging for efficient eLectric car Driving

HI-IBERIA is an SME consultancy founded in 1999 and integrated into HIB Group (founded in 1982). Nowadays, the Group accounts more than 200 professionals, from which 130 belong to HIB, distributed along its three working centres in Madrid, Valladolid and Vigo.

HIB brings specialized solutions in the form of consultancy, SW development and SW quality to the areas of Telecommunications, Defence, Naval, Space Aeronautics, Institutional, SW Providers, Banking, Insurances and TV.

Due to its multidisciplinary approximation to ITC world, HIB hoards wide experience in the fields of Project Management, SW Development, Trials, Performance, Automation, Risk Management, Bid Support, Quality, Security, Cost Management, Streaming and Simulation. HIB has previously contributed into the simulation projects for Tigre, F-18 and Eurofighter aircrafts, and also for the EMT simulator used for training bus drivers in Madrid (main developer was Indra Espacio, one of key partners of HIB), which has resulted in obtaining significant know-how.

HIB accounts with one internal SW Factory, from which it develops its applications for distributed environments (banking, mobile applications, fleet management and control systems for telecom operators activities) and real time applications (embedded SW for telecommunications systems (BTS), sensor networks SW and communication systems for ULS TTC Galileo). It has also established a partnership with Alcatel-Lucent for the development of TV head ends, multi cast serves, DRM systems and decoders.

HIB’s current and past EU projects and related activities include:

  • PROSIMOS (DG HOME 2009) project on Priority Communications for Critical Situations on Mobile Networks, where we have developed a business model simulator. Finished in March 2011
  • EcoGem (FP7-2010-ICT-GC) project on Cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance System for Green Cars where HIB is developing the simulation platform.
  • SAFECITY (FP7 FI-PPP Safety Use Case) project where HIB is in charge of the central data fusion module, Phase 2 definition and share the coordination of the project (administrative aspects).
  • GoldUI (Adaptive embedded human interfaces designed for older people based on a triple screen application: TV, Digital Radio, Smart Phone (Android)) and WayFiS (Personalised route planning and elderly guiding in complex paths based on a Smart Phone Application  (Android)), are AAL Call3 projects where HIB holds the coordinator role. 
  • Active participation in EU platforms (NetWorks!, Photonics21, Nessi, ISI, Artemisia) and Programmes (FP7, CIP, AAL, Artemis, CIPS-ISEC).


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