Energy ManagEment and RechArging for efficient eLectric car Driving

PPC is the Greek largest electricity generator, the sole owner of transmission assets and currently the sole distributor of electricity in the country. As of December 2007, PPC had an installed generating capacity of 12,760 MW in the 97 privately-owned power stations. Electricity is transported via 11,400 km of high voltage lines and distributed to consumers via a 207,300 km–long distribution network. PPC is providing electricity to approximately 7.4 million customers.

The Testing Research and Standards Center (TRSC) of PPC was established in order to assure the high quality of PPC materials and equipment. TRSC covers 7 activity sections with advanced technology equipped laboratories each. TRSC has received accreditation for more than 70 electrical, mechanical, physical, chemical tests, calibrations and inspections by the National Council of laboratories Accreditation.

PPC participates in several EU research funded projects: Green eMotion: Development and demonstration of a unique and user-friendly framework for green electromobility in Europe, MERGE: (Coordinator) Mobile Energy Resources in Grids of Electricity, PowerUp: Specification, Implementation, Testing, and Standardization of Vehicle-2-Grid Interface, SmartHouse/SmartGrid: Smart Houses Interacting with Smart Grids to achieve next-generation energy efficiency and sustainability, SAFEWIND: Multi-scale data assimilation, advanced wind modeling and forecasting with emphasis on extreme weather situations for safe large-scale wind power integration, ANEMOS.PLUS: Advanced Tools for the Management of Electricity Grids with Large-Scale Wind Generation, ANEMOS: Development of a NExt Generation Wind Resource Forecasting System for the Large-Scale Integration of Onshore and Offshore WInd Farms, MOREMICROGRIDS: Advanced Architectures and Control Concepts for More MicroGrids, MICROGRIDS: Large Scale Integration of Micro-Generation to Low Voltage Grids, MORECARE: More Advanced Control Advice for Secure Operation of Isolated Power Systems with Increased Renewable Energy Penetration and Storage, CARE: Advanced Control Advice for Power Systems with Large Scale Integration of Renewable Energy Sources.


Vasiliki Lioliou