Energy ManagEment and RechArging for efficient eLectric car Driving

Established in 1979, Softeco Sismat S.r.l. is a mid-size, highly innovative SME (about 230 staff) and solution provider in several business sectors, including industry, telecommunications, services, finance, security and government. Company solutions, products and services address several industrial and business sectors, including: transport and traffic networks management, infomobility, e-Business and e-Work/m-Work solutions in different industrial sectors (e.g., shipping, automotive etc.) and service markets (e.g., transport, tourism and travel, logistics, health care etc.), mission-critical solutions for the industry, public and private organizations (e.g., energy production and distribution networks, environmental monitoring and protection, finance, public administration).

In the ITS and mobility management market, Softeco offers advanced solutions and innovative products to support implementation and operations of sustainable transport and mobility applications, including: Real Time Traffic Information management and multi-channel delivery platforms (middleware, SOAs); solutions for traffic monitoring and management of technical equipment (e.g., Variable Message Signs, etc.) for motorway applications; fleet monitoring, vehicle location and tracking software – for Public Transport, logistics and technical services (e.g., road maintenance vehicle fleets); vehicle dispatching solutions – for Demand Responsive Transport, taxi and shared taxis, freight and city logistics operation; car pooling planning and operation systems.  In such market segments, Softeco’s offer includes end-to-end ITS solutions integrating planning, optimization and management intelligence (Control or Service Centre level), communications and fleet monitoring (2.5G/3G wireless networks, WiFi, etc.) and in-vehicle equipment and applications (on-board driver terminals, GPS-based vehicle location, route guidance and navigation, driver information and support).

Softeco combines a strong technical and market knowledge in the sector of transport management and infomobility systems, with a solid attitude and consolidated experience in research and innovation initiatives in the ICT and ITS sector, with participation to 40+ RTD projects starting from the EC JRCs’ initiatives and 3rd FP onwards, until today’s FP7 programme.

Previous experiences in projects in the domain of ITS and transport innovation includes the participation in EcoGem (STREP, FP7-ICT-260097), eMOTION (STREP, FP6-TREN-019939-SUSTDEV), CARAVEL (Integrated Project, IP 513553, CIVITAS II), FAMS (IST-2001-34347), eDRUL (IST-2001-34241), COSTE (eContent EDC 4130/28459), INVETE (IST-1999-10311), ENTERPRICE (TAP TR1020), SAMPLUS (TAP TR2043) and others.


Marco Boero

Marco Gorini