Energy ManagEment and RechArging for efficient eLectric car Driving

The EMERALD consortium includes two vehicle manufacturers (Solaris and Comarth) and a user (Comune di Lucca) who, besides their technical expertise, industrial and user perspectives, will also provide fully electric vehicles for the execution of tests, evaluation and field trials.

Technical tests, trials and evaluation will be carried out at different levels, ranging from factory tests to trials in controlled environment (e.g. manufacturers’ test tracks) and real-world trials in selected trial sites.

EMERALD has the advantage to feature vehicle manufacturers and end-users with different types of FEVs:

  • Solaris with a urban 12-meters fully electric bus (Urbino 12)
  • Comune di Lucca with electric vans suitable for cargo delivery (Fiat Ducato FEV)
  • Comarth with a light  FEV available in a wide range of passenger and cargo setups (CR Sport)

This allows EMERALD to take into account different requirements, use cases and business perspectives, as well as have the broadest possible impact. All vehicles that shall be devoted by the manufacturers for the purposes of the project will be provided at no cost.